Community-led health in the Herald!

The Glasgow Herald (Monday 6th April) recently featured an opinion piece by John Cassidy from Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust on public services, health inequalities and community-led health.

In his excellent article, John argues that we need to rebalance resources towards the social model of health - tackling the causes of health inequalities instead of only focusing on their effects.  Community-led health, he continues, empowers people to help address inequalities and develop more relevant services, building resilience and healthy communities at the same time.

The article highlights the recent offer made to the Scottish Government from Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing ( to establish in Scotland a world leading community led approach to help deliver our national strategy on health and wellbeing improvement and reduce health inequalities.

This isn't the only occasion recently that John has articulated the benefits of community-led health to a wider audience.  See, for example, his appearance on the BBC's Scotland 2014 programme with Sarah Smith.  Keep up the good work John!

Read the article in the Herald online


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