Community-led health approaches: Developing models of good practice

CHEX and SCDC are regularly asked for presentations and inputs on community development approaches to health improvement and tackling health inequalities. As part of our joint contribution to the Scottish Parliament’s inquiry into health inequalities, CHEX and SCDC developed a presentation laying out the principles and practice behind community-led health and its value in bringing about positive health outcomes.  As with all our the material we use to stimulate discussion and share lessons, this template draws on principles and practice of community-led health, ‘Achieving Better Community Development’ (ABCD) model, and evidence of impact from community-led health organisations.  Check out the template (Pdf) to help in the development of good practice and ‘doing it well’!  The template concludes with key themes and questions for strategic decision-makers and practitioners to address:   

  • Willingness to prioritise community-led health
  • Strategic conversations & decisions
  • Shift in emphasis & resources
  • Skilled interventions
  • Who you need as partners for delivery
  • Community Planning Partnerships and Health and Social Care Partnerships – is community-led be integral to impact on outcomes that address health inequalities


Further models and materials can be downloaded from the CHEX website

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