Community-led Health for All: developing good practice

CHEX Seminar and Learning Resource Launch   -   Thursday 15 March, Glasgow

Community-led health is central to asset-based approaches to tackling health inequalities and co-production. SCDC and CHEX invite you to the launch of a new learning resource that helps all partners to practice it well. This seminar will launch the Community-Led Health for All resource and provide participants with the opportunity to explore its potential use and outcomes.

Workshops will be hosted by community-led health organisations and the statutory agencies who will share their learning and experiences with participants.  The seminar is open to all those working to promote health improvement and address health inequalities at a local level.

The seminar will take place in the Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow from 10am- 1.30pm including a networking lunch.

Bring a partner!

We request that participants from the community sector invite a partner from their local statutory sector and vice versa to ensure that a broad depth of learning can be captured on the day and opportunities for partnerships to use the resource together can be developed.

Registration is now open and each participant should complete the application form to register interest in a place. Registration closes on Monday 20th February.

Please send any enquiries to


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