Community-led Health for All - CHEX seminar report

Community-led Health for All: Learning Resource – Report of Seminar

Community-led Health for All: Developing Good Practice was launched at the CHEX practice development seminar of the same name back in March.

The resource was very well received by those who attended and had the opportunity to discuss its potential applications and opportunities for disseminating it more widely. We know that a number of organisations are beginning to use the Learning Resource in their work practice and hope that your organisation or agency is considering addressing the competency areas.  We are working with other national bodies to implement a strategic approach and inviting interested community-led organisations to partner us in hosting some local seminars.   

Read the seminar report here

The Seminar Report summarises inputs from the invited speakers along with resumes of outcomes from the workshops and plenary sessions.  It highlights what participants got out of and contributed to the Seminar and emphasises the key messages to take forward to embed community-led health at a local level.   

If you are interested in taking forward the competencies within the resource, contact or for more information.

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