Community Development in Contradictory Times - Report and Paper

CDAS and the Scottish Community Development Centre are promoting discussions about the principles and implications of different approaches to community development in Scotland. A Briefing Paper has been written on their behalf by Dr. Akwugo Emejulu, University of Edinburgh and Mary Anne MacLeod, University of Glasgow. This paper "Community Development in Contradictory Times: Looking Beyond Asset-Based Community Development in Scotland?" is now available.

The paper argues that "Asset-based approaches and asset-based community development (ABCD) ask some of the right questions about the role and function of the state, citizen participation and the importance of associational life. However, these approaches have attracted criticism for the ways in which they seem to shift the responsibility for social welfare from the state to citizens. This briefing paper serves as an opportunity to consider some of the opportunities and limitations of asset-based approaches to help activists, practitioners and policymakers think critically about the nature of social problems; citizens' relationships to the welfare state and a new vision for Scottish community development in these uncertain times."

Recently an invited audience discussed the implications of the paper and the prospects for community development to tackle issues of poverty and inequality and to promote democratic renewal. Notes of that discussion are now available here, along with Stewart Murdoch's checklist‘What if local government got it?' which received a positive response

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