Community Capacity Building in the Western Isles

Exploring Growth and Empowerment of Communities in the Western Isles documents and analyses a broad range of activity from across the isles which is helping to build stronger, more sustainable and more active communities. The report considers the meaning of the term ‘community capacity building’ and its significance to the community sector. It provides a snapshot of the vast amount of capacity building activity currently taking place throughout the Western Isles, considers the key challenges faced in carrying out such activity and documents suggestions for ways in which these may be addressed.  Written in an accessible language and littered with innovative ways of presenting research findings, CHEX recommends taking a look.

The report was researched and written by Ruth Cape as part of a project hosted by the Volunteer Centre Western Isles on behalf of Co-cheangal Innse Gall, Third Sector Interface.  It was funded by Leader, Third Sector Internships Scotland and the Volunteer Centre Western Isles.

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