Communities Matter: Training and services to support community development

Communities Matter

Communities Matter is a brand new suite of training and development support to community organisations and people working with communities across Scotland. 

These flexible training courses, across a range of areas, are designed to help you make a greater positive impact on the quality of life within your community, and the communities you work with.

Our training includes:

SCDC, CHEX's parent organisation has experience working directly with communities, practitioners and policy makers, promoting best practice in engaging with communities. Our staff are highly skilled facilitators with years of experience and will make sure your training remains participative, informative and interesting.

Training can be provided as introductory workshops, in-depth training, practice support, training for trainers and bespoke consultancy or ongoing mentoring support - we're flexible to suit your needs. Our training costs as little as £50 per person, and we're always flexible to ensure we can provide the best value possible. 

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