CHEX's response to Mental Health Strategy for Scotland - still time to contribute

CHEX is currently preparing its response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Mental Health Strategy for Scotland.  The Strategy brings together mental health improvement work together with services related to mental ill health.  The full document including the consultation questions and response form (available in Word format) can be downloaded from

CHEX has prepared a response to specific questions and we would very welcome your comments/additions to these responses.   We are keen that it reflects the view of community-led health organisations and would urge those interested to respond by e-mailing your comments or phoning Elspeth Gracey or Janet Muir on;; Tel. 0141 248 1990.  All comments to CHEX’s response should be submitted by 13th Jan. 2012.

There is also now a presentation available, which showcases the Scottish Government's consultation on the new mental health policy for Scotland. The speaker is Penny Curtis from the mental health unit at the Scottish Government.  It is available via the Well Scotland website. There are also hard copies of the presentation available through Dern Inglis on


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