CHEX response to Public Health Review

CHEX has submitted a response to the Public Health Review group's engagement paper, highlighting the contribution community-led health approaches can make to addressing health inequalities.

The Scottish Government set up the group in November 2014 to review public health in Scotland, with the aim of establishing how public health can best tackle health inequalities. The review group produced an engagement paper which gave some background to the review and asked a set of five consultation questions.

CHEX's responses to the questions highlighted the role and contribution that community-led organisations and the wider communit-led health approach can make to the challenges outlined in the paper. Public health, our response argues, should be about partnership between many relevant sectors, from housing to health, and voluntary and community sector should be treated as central partners in tackling health inequalities.

Our response was informed by the results of an online consultation we conducted with CHEX members in February.  Thanks to those who responded.

Read the CHEX response here.

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