CHEX response to Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill Consultation

CHEX has submitted its response to the Scottish Government's Consultation on the Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill.  The consultation was launched in June asking for views on matters ranging from community engagement to community control of physical assets. Our response is based on our own wide ranging consultation with community-led health organisations across Scotland, including discussions with local community-led health networks and responses from an online survey. 


CHEX's submission welcomes any increased opportunities for communities to challenge service provision, influence spending, take over local land and buildings and make use of local services. 

    However, our conversations with our network also raised some concerns about whether all community organisations and groups are in a position to take responsibility for public assets, services and spending in a way that is beneficial to their wider communities. 

    Therefore, we recommend that resources attached to the implementation of the Bill are directly targeted at low income communities and that every action is taken to create an environment for those communities to have equal opportunities to influence and sustain a healthy community for all.

    Click here to download our full consultation response.

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