CHEX at Public Health Conference

CHEX recently attended the first day of the Faculty of Public Health Conference in Dunblane. The conference was called Strong Voices Pragmatic Public Health. We presented our most recent case study findings from our document More Communities at the Centre in a poster abstract entitled Delivering Better Health The impact of community-led health organisations on health inequalities. In this abridged version of our findings we captured key messages of how community-led health organisations contribute to improving health. Feedback from those visiting the poster was very positive and we found that mapping the impact that organisations have made onto the community-led health logic model was useful for delegates as an introduction to community-led health.
Public Health and Sports Minister Aileen Campbell provided the Ministerial address and making reference to Scotland’s inequalities in health said that it was “a Government aspiration to do better” whilst acknowledging that “it will take all of us to do this”.

Unfortunately we were unable to attend on the second day of the conference when Professor Richard Wilkinson, co-founder of the Equality Trust and co-author of The Spirit Level was a speaker.  

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