CHEX-Point turns 40!

This Autumn we celebrate the newsletter’s 40th birthday and venture into a new online format.

Over the past 40 issues, CHEX-Point has provided a platform for many community-led health organisations to share their unique approaches to health improvement and tackling health inequalities. We’ve profiled how these organisations and approaches have brought added value and savings to the implementation of government health policies.  We’ve also provided opportunities for policy makers to articulate their views, explaining how the approaches both support and complement other health improvement programmes.chexpoint newsletter imag

The community health landscape is constantly changing reflecting optimism and practice for positive change but also tainted with fear due to current and future funding cuts. CHEX-POINT has reflected these different messages to a growing readership of 1,800 including: community-led organisations, Healthy Living Centres, local partnerships and statutory agencies, students, national charities and many others from across Scotland.

link to chexpoint

We now hope the new online format will allow CHEX-Point to reach even further, and we encourage you to send it on to your friends and colleagues with an interest in community-led approaches to health improvement. If you haven’t already signed up, please do so here.

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