CHEX-Point Newsletter – Issue 50

The latest edition of CHEX-Point Newsletter is here! For 50 issues we have been bringing you a detailed look at how community-led health contributes to strong, empowered and healthy communities.

With our 50th issue we’re looking back at the progress community-led health has made, examining where we are now and then taking look to future opportunities.

In this issue have:

  • An article from former CHEX manager Janet Muir on her perspectives
  • Hilda Campbell from COPE Scotland’s community-led approach
  • A look at our latest case studies: MORE Communities at the Centre
  • A summary of HIIC in 2015
  • An update on the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act
  • CHEX News

Here at CHEX we’re always focused on highlighting the experience, skills and determination of local community-led health organisations and the approaches they take - and we hope CHEX-Point Newsletter carries on helping to do that.

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