CHEX Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill consultation

Would you like to contribute to the CHEX evidence on the Community Empowerment Bill?  The Bill, published on 12th June has now been introduced and will now undergo the Scottish Parliament legislative process. We have another opportunity to respond to evidence our case for further adjustments.
Many of you engaged with the CHEX consultation when the draft proposals were first announced two years ago and hopefully you will see some of your recommendations reflected in the Bill. You’ll see from SCDC’s briefing there are still a number of areas, especially in relation to proposals for community planning that we keen to address.
  • Download the briefing paper here.

  • Download the response template here.

Please take some time to read the briefing and If you would like to respond to either the 6 broad questions on page 1 of the briefing or more tailored questions related to community-led health on the CHEX template, please send your response (brief paragraphs, bullet points, tel. message etc.) to or Andrew Paterson Tel 0141 248 1990 before 
Monday 25th August

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