CHEX background paper on Public Health Review

In November 2014 the Scottish Government announced it had set up an expert group to review public health in Scotland, with the aim of establishing how public health can best tackle health inequalities. The review group has now produced an engagement paper which gives some background to the review and asks a set of five consultation questions. The deadline for responses is 12 March 2015.

CHEX has written a background paper providing an introduction to the review along with a few starting points for reflection.

We have also created an online survey to allow our network to shape our response to the Public Health Review engagement paper.  Please click here to visit the survey and contribute to the CHEX response by Monday 23rd February 2015.

If you decide to submit your own response to the Public Health Review, CHEX invites you to send us your answers to the engagement questions to inform our own response. To discuss any of the above, please contact Andrew Paterson, CHEX Policy and Research Officer at or on 0141 222 4837.

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