Change and Conflict revisited: Reflections on Community Work in Gorbals and Govanhill during the 1970s

Crossroads are hosting a seminar which will introduce the key ideas and approaches that have informed Crossroads work since the 1970s, and explored in the presenters’ 1983 book, Change and Conflict, and which are still central to the work. This is the inaugural event in a series of seminars that Crossroads plans to offer over the coming months. They will be of interest to practitioners, students, community organisations and educators interested in adopting a community development approach to practice.


Barbara Bryant (nee Holmes) was a volunteer with Gorbals Group/Crossroads before training as a community worker in York and Philadelphia. She was fieldwork teacher for Crossroads between 1970-1977. She received a grant from CCETSW to research the work of the student unit. Since then she has worked as a community worker and then Manager of community based Family Centres in Oxfordshire, and as a volunteer with various local organisations. She has supervised social work students throughout this period, currently as Practice Educator for Ruskin College.

Richard Bryant was involved in the setting up of the Crossroads Student Unit and worked as a practice teacher and community worker for Crossroads between 1976 – 79. He has taught Social Policy and Community Development at Glasgow University and, between 1979 – 2006, at Ruskin College. Since the early 1980s he has been involved as a volunteer with local community organisations in the Wood Farm area of Oxford.

About Crossroads

Crossroads Youth and Community Association was established in 1968 and since that time has worked with children, young people and adults in the Gorbals and Govanhill neighbourhoods of Glasgow. Our methods include issue-based community action, advice and advocacy, group work and a social model of youth work. From 1976 to 2009 we ran student units that successfully helped train over 750 students in community approaches to social work and other disciplines.

The seminar will take place on Friday 30 October 2015, from 1.30pm to 4.30pm, at The Barn, 37 Abbortsford Place Glasgow,

To book your place enter your details, including any access or dietary requirements, here.

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