Cairngorms National Park Partnership Plan consultation

Cairngorms National Park Authority are consulting on the key issues to be addressed in the next National Park Partnership Plan 2017-2022. The Partnership Plan is the management plan for the Cairngorms National Park and sets out how all those with a responsibility for the Park will co-ordinate their work to tackle the most important issues.

It will identify an overall vision and strategy for managing the National Park, and will include priorities to which public bodies and other partners will direct their effort and resources over the next five years. In particular, the Partnership Plan will:

  • Set out the vision and overarching strategy for managing the Park 
  • Guide the work of all public bodies and other partners to deliver the aims of the Park 
  • Provide the strategic context for the Local Development Plan 
  • Set out the regional land use framework for the Park 
  • Show how the Park will contribute to the Scottish Government’s core purpose and national outcomes
The consultation Period runs from 27 June 2016 - 30 September 2016 and there's full details on the website here.

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