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This report published by Glasgow Centre for Population Health presents and discusses new ways of thinking about the development and nature of asset-based approaches in community and systems settings. The learning comes from the Animating Assets programme, which CHEX's parent organisation,SCDC helped to deliver in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Animating Assets logoAnimating Assets was a collaborative programme facilitated by SCDC and GCPH. The programme ran from January 2014 - September 2015 and aimed to support the use of asset-based approaches with a range of health and social wellbeing issues in Scotland. Animating Assets adopted a process of co-creation, experimentation and action research, through which our goal was to produce new evidence of the impact made by assets based interventions on health and wellbeing. 

The report outlines the creative and innovative approaches taken by the team, how they captured and recorded knowledge and evidence along the way, the importance of external facilitation in guiding, not controlling, the process and direction of travel, and what the team learned from the research sites individually and collectively.

Within the report there are also reflections on the values and principles underpinning asset-based approaches, as well as thoughts on what supports asset-based approaches and what constrains them.  The report proposes an early iterative model for action when seeking to apply asset-based approaches to change initiatives.  The report also presents a series of case studies of the research sites to share the process, progress and practice of the areas that engaged with the programme.

Download the report from GCPH's website.

You can also watch the following Digital Stories, produced through the Animating Assets programme (Milton) (Barmulloch and Balornock )

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