Fuel poverty is a major problem in Scotland. More than one in three people can’t afford to heat their homes to an adequate level. For those living in fuel poverty, the consequences are ill health, discomfort and debt. It often means choosing between heating and eating.

Energy Action Scotland(EAS) campaigns for an end to fuel poverty and works to turn cold, damp houses into warm, dry homes. EAS has recently secured further funding from SSE to provide training, free of charge, to front line staff responsible for looking after the health, wellbeing and social welfare of vulnerable people. This energy efficiency training will enable a range of organisations to provide appropriate and effective advice and information to clients, helping them to obtain all the help and support that’s available. 

Do you know someone who is cold at home or who struggles to afford their fuel bills? If so, this free training can help you find solutions.See training details here.

Please complete and return the booking form to Rose Ann Porteous. If you have already been on a Stay Warm, Stay Well course please forward this message to any staff, colleagues and contacts that you think might benefit too.



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