Up-beat Voices - HIIC Tutor Conference 2012

The annual 'Health Issues in the Community' (HIIC) Conference was held in Glasgow on the 2nd February. Following a now established tradition the conference alternates each year between a large event attended by tutors and course participants and one where the event is held only for tutors. This year the focus was on HIIC tutors.


Attended by tutors from across Scotland the conference placed an emphasis on continuing professional development for tutors, as well as providing plenty of time for tutors to meet informally and share ideas about course delivery and the various groups of people with whom they are delivering the course.

Two workshops concentrated on areas that have been identified as being areas where support and clarification was required by tutors. Dave Allan, SCDC, led a workshop entitled ‘Community Development as a fundamental to HIIC’, which aimed to re-emphasise the importance of a community development approach to health issues, and of understanding and exploring key concepts, barriers and enablers to a "healthy community".

Another workshop, led by Runima Kakati, ‘Key issues in supporting students with course work and assignments’, provided a clear exposition of the issues associated with giving the appropriate support to the increasingly diverse range of people undertaking HIIC. Runima was very clear that although going for accreditation is right for some participants it is not the best route for everyone – the most important thing for people is the learning experience in itself.

In the third workshop, Elaine Crosbie and Kathleen Walker from NHS South Lanarkshire shared their experiences of HIIC within Secondary Education. Elaine and Kathleen have just completed working through HIIC with S4’s and were able to discuss how HIIC fits with the Curriculum for Excellence and explore how they had adapted elements of HIIC to successfully deliver it within the school environment.

Evaluations from the day were very positive and upbeat, reflecting that those who attended very much enjoyed the opportunity to get together, share their practice and hear about new developments. Participants were also enthused to continue to deliver HIIC in a way that maximises achievements for all students.

You can download the full report of the conference

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