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  • Poverty Alliance Annual Conference 2017

    Campaigning for Change: Learning from the Past to Shape the Future

  • The 2017 SURF Awards

    The 2017 SURF Awards are now open for applications.

  • Power Inequality: A health and social justice issue

    A short web-based animation on ‘Power as a health and social justice issue’ developed through a collaboration between Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH) and NHS Health Scotland.

  • Blog: “Unfairly and avoidably unwell and dying younger”

    In this blog Elspeth Gracey, from the CHEX team, reflects on how we use language to describe Scotland’s biggest health challenge and given what we know about the statistics and research what difference will it make to what we should do?

  • “By harming one we all are harmed” William Morris (1834 – 1896)

    In this blog Elspeth Gracey, Development Manager within the CHEX team shares some thoughts about how we organise ourselves in society and the impact that has on inequality and the relevance of long standing aspirations for improvement.

  • Supporting Communities Programme 2017/18

    This year's Supporting Communities programme from SCDC offers support to ‘community anchor organisations', which are organisations with a leading or developmental role in their community. Support will focus on strengthening community engagement activities and developing community action planning activities. Find out how your community organisation can apply for support.

  • Community Choices Fund 2017/18 announced

    The Scottish Government has announced that the 2017/18 Community Choices Fund is open for applications. The fund supports the growth of participatory budgeting (PB) in Scotland.

  • Get involved in 'Measuring Humanity'

    A chance for those involved in asset-based work to contribute to some interesting sounding research around measuring things in a different way.

  • Mapping awareness and use of participation requests

    Scottish Community Development Centre would like community organisations to tell them about their experience of participation requests so far, even if, before reading this, you had never heard of them!

  • Just Like Us: Supporting Behaviour Change

    Just Like Us is a community organisation in Milton, North Glasgow that grew out of the trauma felt by those who lost someone close to them because of drug or alcohol use.

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