HIIC tutor network

There are at the current time over 80 registered tutors for Health Issues in the Community in Scotland. The details of all the tutors are held at CHEX on a central database. If there are any changes to your details please contact us as soon as possible in order that we can keep the database up-to-date. Also, if you would like to get in touch with other tutors in your area or working in the same field as yourself please contact Robert and he will give you the relevant information.

Briefing papers

We aim to provide a briefing paper twice a year. Papers reflect issues relevant to registered tutors.

Networking sessions

We encourage and support networking at a variety of levels.

  • Local: These are normally established and sustained by local tutors and/or other HIIC stakeholders and supported by ourselves at CHEX. They are normally very action-orientated and focus on promoting, developing and supporting course delivery at a local level. If you would be interested in establishing a local HIIC network in your area please contact kate@scdc.org.uk
  • Regional: These are organised by CHEX and combine refresher training with information exchange and peer support. They will normally take place once a year in a variety of locations depending on levels of interest. Contact CHEX for information about where and when they will happen.
  • National: This is organised by CHEX on an annual basis and is normally held either in Glasgow or Edinburgh. This provides an opportunity for tutors, students and other stakeholders to meet up, share ideas, learn from one another and gain information about HIIC at a national level.